Shop Tour

Filling more than 20,000 sq.ft., Baker Engineering has become one of the mid-west's most complete resources for POWER.  If you're looking for custom racing engines, engine development services, dyno testing, performance engine parts, or just want see what Baker Engineering is all about, we invite you to take the tour.  If you want to see more, give us a call.  Visitors are welcome anytime.


Engine Shop

Baker Engineering offers complete high performance engine machining services for the custom engines designed by BE, or for customers who simply need machine work done for their own engine project. BE offers complete performance machining services, air flow testing, engine testing on 1500 Hp engine dynamometer, and chassis dyno testing on a 1200 Hp Dynojet.  All this equipment is housed in a clean, well-equipped facility.

Each piece of machining equipment at Baker Engineering is the best available like Sunnen machining centers, and Superflow air flow bench. This supports the company's dedication to top quality, precision workmanship demanded by our customers.

The engine machine shop features up to 5-axis CNC milling and drilling, a lathe, vertical and horizontal boring and honing, surface grinding, and dynamic balancing of rotating assemblies.

A separate room is designated for the engine assembly. Only proven racing engine components make their way into this assembly room, and into Baker Engineered Racing Engines. Experienced engine assembly technicians carefully build each engine, step by step. Parts are checked, and rechecked to ensure proper fit and long engine life.

Once assembled, engines are tested on an in-house engine dynamometer featuring Depac data acquisition software. Engines are run to full horsepower to eliminate any surprises after installation into the vehicle.

Many racers and speed enthusiasts take advantage of Baker Engineering's DynoJet chassis dynamometer. This 1200 Hp dyno is housed in separate building adjacent to the engine shop. It measures horsepower at the wheel of any vehicle, from circle track race cars to drag race Jeeps and street rods. Car owners use this tool to obtain horsepower numbers, torque levels, air/fuel ration, and to tweak the car for optimum at-the-wheel performance.

Manufacturing and Assembly

In addition to machining services, Baker Engineering has in-house fabrication and manufacturing capabilities. Pro/Cam racing engine components are manufactured and assembled at Baker Engineering. Prototype engines for military use are also developed, assembled and tested at BE.

Speed Shop

The Speed Shop at BE houses all of the vehicle upgrade and tuning projects.  A dedicated building houses the tools, hoists, diagnostics and chassis dyno.  A high performance staff pulls it all together.