Project Profiles

Hemi Makes Over 500 RWHP
5.7 Hemi making 570 RWHP!
LS7 Head Fix & Cam Upgrade
Z06 in for Cylinder Head Fix and Camshaft Upgrade now makes 493 RWHP with Stock Exhaust and Intake.  The LS7 Head Fix Includes Ferrea Valves, Ho...
BEI Forged 370
BEI Forged 370 with CTS-V LSA Supercharger
Rocky's C6 Dyno
BEI Camshaft, CNC Ported heads, MSD Intake, KN CAI, Dynatech Headers, Corsa exhaust, Upgraded clutch and hydraulics.
Long Travel Ford
 LS3 Crate Engine with E38 controller. Increase of 40 RWHP over original GM crate engine tuning!
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/Documents/Red Hot SS.pdf">Red Hot SS
Camshaft & valve train upgrades, Magnuson TVS 2300 Supercharger, and BEI 4 corner cylinder head coolant crossover
Long Travel Buggy
BEI LS7 650hp on the Chassis Dyno
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/Documents/ZL-1 Camaro Project Profile.pdf">605 RWHP ZL-1 Camaro
 BEI Custom Cam Package with ATI Damper and Overdrive Pulley; LPE Supercharger Pulley; Airaid Intake
<a target="_blank" href= " /Portals/0/Documents/1_750HPCoolCamaro.pdf">750 HP Cool Camaro</a>
900 HP Turbo Camaro
BEI 427 CI Turbo LS with TFS 255 Heads and Single 78mm BB turbo on E85 resulting in 900 HP!
Headers, CAI, Corsa Exhaust and Tuning completed at BEI.
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/Documents/CTS-V%20Project%20Profile%209.24.15.pdf">700 HP CTS-V</a>
650 hp Trailblazer SS; BEI 364ci Engine, Magnuson TVS1900, 72lb/hr injectors, Long tube headers, Corsa Exhaust  
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/CircleTrack.pdf">Circle Track Sizzlers</a>
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/ThrillerBuggy.pdf">Thriller Buggy At Silver Lake</a>
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/HotSS.pdf">One Hot Turbo SS</a>
 654 rear wheel hp
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/DragCars.pdf">Drag Strip Screamers</a>
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/CoolCamaro.pdf">Cool Camaro</a>
 That's hot under the hood
<a target="_blank" href="/Portals/0/Vettes.pdf">Chassis Dyno</a>
 Tuning some vicious vettes
681 RWHP; 712 RWTQ ON 35'S W/20" wheels Open loop tuning by Baker Engineering