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Baker Engineering is a name synonymous with horsepower. From custom racing and high performance engines, to Pro/Cam racing engine components, to street car upgrades, Baker Engineering’s dedication to racing and high performance has spanned the company’s 45 year history and continues to drive the organization.

Pro/Cam Racing Engine Components

The parts your engine wants

Pro/Cam parts give high performance engines an extra advantage...like oil systems that unleash horsepower and use oil more efficiently; fuel pumps that allow more flow and maintain pressure; push rods that protect the camshaft. You get the picture. Put Pro/Cam to work on your engine, and see the difference at the track. CAD design, Laser cut parts, in-house Tig welding and assembly, and electrode position coating (OEM quality E-coat) make these oil pans noticeably better. Attention to detail is evident from design, through assembly and shipping. Made in the USA means they fit, and perform.  All parts track and dyno tested.

Distributed by Lane Automotive, CV Products, Port City Racing, Day Motorsports, Speedway Motors, Smiley's Racing, and others.


Complete customer satisfaction is as important to us and it is to our customers. All Pro/Cam parts are built in-house, at Baker Engineering LLC. and are intended for use in racing and high performance engine applications.

WARRANTY POLICY: Pro/Cam parts are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or engine builder to inspect all parts carefully before use and to follow the instructions provided with each item. Liability is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part. Any returns must be made before the part is used. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for labor, inconvenience or damage to related parts. Credit, repair or replacement is predicated upon manufacturer inspection of the parts prior to warranty services.

Pro/Cam will warranty mechanical fuel pumps for defects in parts or workmanship within one year of manufacture, or four months (120 days) of customer purchase. Copy of receipt, with customer date of purchase, must be included with all fuel pump returns or the one-year period will begin on the date of manufacture. Fuel pump must be returned to Pro/Cam for inspection before credit is issued, or replacement parts are sent. Fuel pumps showing signs of normal wear, misuse or contamination will not be covered under warranty.

CALL FOR RGA NUMBER (616) 837-8975.

SHIP TO: Attn: Returns, Baker Engineering LLC., 17165 Power Dr., Nunica, MI 49448

Be sure to include:
1. A copy of your invoice
2. Your name, address, telephone number(s) and email address
3. Reason for returning -- be very specific!

Tech Tips


  • Capacity stated without filter and lines
  • Inspection hole can be added - $25 upcharge
  • Depth: can build #9137 to 6" deep (custom order / call)
  • Stroke: can build #9137 to accommodate 4" stroke (custom order / call)
  • Single Piece Rear Main: add -S to part number (i.e. 9137-7-S) - $30 upcharge
  • External Pump set-up for #12 line
  • External oil cooler: OK to use (Accusump recommended)
  • Marine: 14 gage steel (wet sump and dry sump)
  • Dart Little M block: pan may need to be modified to accommodate caps
  • Ford: fits SVO crate motor Sportsman block
  • 9137 with oil restrictors: roller cam - yes; flat tappet - no


  • HV pump comes with a high pressure spring. Low pressure spring also included in the box.
  • Standard volume pump also comes with high pressure spring installed.


  • Starter mount for #9132 - front mount small starter
  • Starter mount for #9134 - rear mounted starter
  • Vortex pan: 5" deep recommended for bigger cu.in. engines (400+); 4" is the shallowest dry sump offered by Pro/Cam.


  • REGULATORS REQUIRED for 11 and 15 psi pumps (i.e. Barry Grant #171021 or equivalent)
  • RETURN SYSTEM required for 15 psi pump (good to 8,000 rpm)
  • RECLOCKING THE PUMP: To clock the fuel pump, take the top and bottom sections completely apart (loosen all nuts and pull apart), then turn the bottom of the pump to the desired position, and reconnect the two sections. This will minimize damage to the seals that can occur when clocking.
  • IF YOU USE THIS PUMP WITH ALCOHOL: Flush the pump with gasoline to increase the life of the pump. When alcohol is left in the pump, it will cause the seals to dry out, and eventually leak. Flushing with gasoline keeps the seals lubricated.
  • PSI is rated at full throttle (will read higher at idle, 7.5 lb. pump can read as high as 13 psi at idle)
  • LINES: use #10 lines for alcohol and #8 lines for gasoline applications.