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Baker Engineering Inc. Tuned                                                                                                                                                                                     

Baker Engineering is a name synonymous with horsepower. From custom racing and high performance engines, to Pro/Cam racing engine components, to street car upgrades, to marine power packages, Baker Engineering’s dedication to racing and high performance has spanned the company’s 48 year history and continues to drive the organization.

Test & Tuning

Trust the experienced staff at BE to tune your vehicle the right way, the first time.  With more than 5,000 engine tunes logged, Baker Engineering can test and tune just about any hot rod or street rod for optimum performance. Dynamometer testing is also available at BE. A 1500 Hp engine dynamometer puts engines to the test, while a DynoJet chassis dynamometer provides customers with a tremendous tool for measuring and optimizing horsepower at the wheels, up to 1500 rwhp.  From simple horsepower and torque readings, to sophisticated engine tuning with OEM software, Baker Engineering has the tools and the experience to do it right.


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